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AI-driven persona generation and customer segmentation with real-time  user data analysis to visualize and understand audience and consumer preferences

What is a Persona?

A ‘persona’ is a fictive person describing an important user group, consumer segment or a community.  Persona is also a clear visual representation of consumer numerical data.  It helps companies better understand their customer and deliver user-centric products and services throughout the customer journey

Our Technology

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SaaS Solutions

Rapid on-boarding and a user-focussed design that provides quick usability and value. Our user interface provides all the tools to quickly read and understand all details of created personas
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​Data Sources

Our approach for creating personas in real time is based on automated analysis of actual aggregated social media data, ingested from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google Analytics

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Analyzing de-identified user data and leveraging up to hundreds of thousands of profiles and millions of user on-line interactions, then generate persona profiles in hours instead of weeks

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